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The Revolutionary Motion Picture Experience Of All Time

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The Revolutionary Motion Picture Experience Of All Time


People go to the theatre to have an experience of their lifetime. There is something magical about a movie screen that you cannot get anywhere else. You are, for the duration of the movie taken into the world of the movie where you are part of the things that goes on in it. That is why everyone is so entranced with the movie experience even after the movie has expired and the mark of a great movie is in the experience that people have even after the movie has finished playing in the theatres and the anthem or the merchandise of the movie like the totoro plush still reigns supreme over the minds of the people in it as well as for the people who experienced the movie’s fantastical experience in the theatres. In case the people are forgetful of what they experienced in the theatre, the merchandise and the other goodies that are used to commemorate the movie will remind the people of what they felt when they watched the movie and the kind of experience will be shared with people that have the merchandise with them all the time.

The Mark Of A True Filmmaker

The mark of a true leader of a country is the work that they do or have done and that will reign supreme until they are in position as well as when they are no longer ruling or even dead. The same way, the mark of a good movie is when people talk about it even after years of its release and still share in the various merchandise and things like the spirited away no face that is used to commemorate the movie as not just a motion picture but an art work that is to be studied and made into a subject for research and discussions even in the academic field. That is the true mark of a great movie.


Making something work out of what is given is one thing, making that work and also turn it into something spectacular is an art in and of itself.