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Alternative way to access you tube video

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Alternative way to access you tube video

You tube proxy is a site that is just an alternative website to access you tube videos. Streaming of videos through you tube proxy site can make you to view latest entertainment high quality format information. Don’t be stuck with outdated video. Be updated with new ones.


Generally, in some institutions it may be possible that the authorities might have blocked the you tube site anticipating that students should study from the books not from you tube. But few students like to learn from attracting animated videos that are easy to understand for them. In that case they can simply access the you tube videos through proxy site. Not only for schools in some organizations also it might happen that site of you tube is unable to access.

Youtube proxy site is optimized in such a way that users can access the old you tube videos as well as updating videos with improved quality. It can be mentioned as a safe way of accessing you tube when is blocked in your location.

Nord VPN used to

  • Covers user IP address
  • Give access to you tube content
  • High speed
  • Stability in connection
  • All time service
  • Bypass ISP firewall

Proxy or VPN services used to change the location of the IP address of your device to be in some other location. But be aware that using free proxy sites may put you in risk. In free proxy sites your internet connection is encrypted, which can be an advantage for cybercriminals. Always use encrypted Nord VPN extensions for secured connection to you tube videos through browsers.