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Mobile apps for Travelers

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Mobile apps for Travelers

People are traveling daily all over the world, they may decide to travel for adventure, business, culture and other factors.

When traveling it is important to consider

  • Location of travel- this is important as one is able to plan for documentation and other paper work, it also gives a basis for the business to be done
  • Time of travel-time of flight of travel is essential to plan for departure and arrival time
  • Time of stay-helps mostly in planning for your budget and various activities to be
  • Weather of the location-helps you to plan for the clothing to wear and what to keep as luggage.
  • Culture of the visited location – helps you to know the language in use and the various does and don’ts.

Technology has made traveling to be more exciting, this has been due to the birth of androids operating system for smart phones which provide various applications which are very essential during the travel tours

These particular apps are often changing with time and technology; they may also be different in term of service provision but provide same services. I have narrowed down some of the most important apps to travelers

Places directory apps

No traveler wants to get lost in any environment whether it is new or a familiar place. The places directory app makes it easy to access some of the common places such as an ATM, restaurants and even shopping facilities. It is essential in reducing the time used in searching for these places and important if one gets lost.

The language translation apps

It is mostly recommended for people traveling in a foreign speaking country, it translates simple texts to the desired language. Although they are not 100% perfect they go a long way ensuring that you get to communicate with the natives of the foreign land.

This app is a must for mostly tourists who are there for adventure

Currency conversion apps

Mostly recommended for first time travelers, it provides updates on the latest rates of currencies conversions. It is usually easy to use and very convenient. For business travelers this is a must have app. An example is the Okanda currency converter


Trip journal/trip documenter apps

This is an important app that helps you to document your trip activities on your device. It is usually integrated with Google maps and you are able to tag the places you have visited, write blogs, tag photos and make videos of your experiences.

This app also provides a link to social sites like Facebook making it easier to share your experiences with friends and family.

WI-FI and hot spot seeking apps

Information is quite necessary for any traveler regardless of the motive of the travel. This app assists in detecting any type of WI-FI around whether it is paid or free. For I-pads the hotspots seeking apps are mostly recommended as one may need to send or receive files and is also important for communication.

for people who get bored during travels, this apps helps you in getting WI-FI which may enable you to access sites like you tube if that may help

Weather report apps

No one wants to make a trip and as you arrive at your destination, you get rained on and you have an interview in the next 20 minutes. These apps are made for such occurrences and also for sportsmen such as golfers


Due to the extensive advancements in technologies the apps stores are filled with almost every imaginable app. The above apps are mostly recommended to travelers and can all be purchased on different costs.

Most apps are provided by different companies thus may come with a different brand names, however the services are all the same.

For travelers willing to travel to the U.S.A, it is important for a person to be cleared by ESTA (electronic system for travel authorization) to be eligible for travels.