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What are the concepts that drive interactive design?

interactive design
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What are the concepts that drive interactive design?

There may be a number of factors that really encourage the use of agency design interaction. In this article, we will discuss several important concepts for interactive design:

Design with purpose:

It is important to conduct an exhaustive survey of users to understand the way users think. This will help to better understand the need for design and conceptualization of site design. To create a great website, a web designer needs to understand very clearly the interactive design needs and their capabilities. Set your goals and then start your design path.


Usability refers to how convenient it is for people to use the tool to meet their wishes and needs. Interactive design is about choosing technologies that help people experience better than their previous use. Ease of use is inherent in selecting the most applicable site design interfaces.


It is important to check the availability of the site. Interactive design is about choosing an easy-to-use design to better understand high-end design needs and user satisfaction. This also applies to the correct connection, the correct arrangement of buttons, search boxes, etc.

Learning capacity:

The purpose of each website is to facilitate learning channels for all users. The development of knowledge of the possible components will attract more and more customers. A website should start users to expand their knowledge in several ways.

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