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Most of the countries today for tourists and visitors are not able to enter in to the country freely. To visit this country one has to book government permission to get entry to this country. The cost of visa application per day is $250 which may not be reasonable for budget travellers. Cost may vary due to hotel accommodations, drinking water, tea, entrance fees and your driver, and the tourist guide even your transport.

 Things to know about trip of Bhutan tour from Singapore:

In Bhutan currency of Indian rupee is not acceptable whereas US dollar is accepted. What you can do is consider the budget like per person 30 to 35 dollars for drinks and other handicrafts. ATM’s are available anywhere in western and central Bhutan, It accepts all the cards like debit card, credit card .

  • Bhutan tours from Singapore you can visit in any season, Bhutan is highly recommended during any season summer or monsoon the reason is cost will be less.
  • Be prepared for the weather as per that you need to decide about your clothing what to wear when trekking, sightseeing, for dinners, functions. As a respect do not wear caps to religious premises or where national flag is raised.
  • To fly in to Bhutan only airlines are drunken air and Bhutan airlines. Without Visa clearance you cannot purchase air ticket to Bhutan. It is must that you always use a licensed Bhutanese tour operator or international partner to book your travel to Bhutan.