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The Best Green and Eco Hotels around the World

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The Best Green and Eco Hotels around the World

Looking towards a greener vacation? Whether you want to stay closer to home or head to an exotic location, these hotels promise to make your trip memorable and enjoyable the eco-friendly way!

Luna Lodge, Costa Rica

Located in the environs of primary virgin rainforests on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, Luna Lodge lures travelers with its environment friendly ideas and biodegradable products. The beautiful precincts of this sprawling hotel go a long way in protecting its diverse landscape with beneficial activities and projects. These eco-friendly activities are undertaken for the benefit of the local community and environment alike.

Luna Lodge boasts of its own hydropower plant which makes the property 100 percent energy sufficient. It also sponsors The White Hawk Project which aims to protect the natural bounties of the Cerate River Valley situated nearby. A must visit indeed!

The Colonnade Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts

As an integral part of its $25 million renovation budget in 2009, Colonnade had recognized and integrated various eco-friendly tools for environmental sustainability. It is noted for its incorporation of green practices into daily operations. Along with low-flow consumption toilets, smart recycling programs and innovative ways of saving over 1,125,000 gallons of drinking water annually; this hotel is also reputed for using natural and biodegradable products in its well appointed rooms, bathrooms and kitchen.

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji was awarded the distinction of being Australasia’s Leading Green Hotel by 2012 World Travel Awards in the month of October. Its many eco-conscious initiatives are carried out in a picturesque marine protected region and encompass various fields of operation.


From planting mangroves to prevent soil erosion to improving the quality of fish and water, reseeding of clams on the reefs, using solar panels for water heaters, providing mooring lines at diving and snorkeling sites to prevent boat anchor damage and more–the list of its “green” activities is endless.

Barceló Maya Beach Resort, Mexico

Barceló Maya Beach Resort in Mexico is totally committed to providing a “greener” and eco-friendly experience for its clients. With green houses to vegetable gardens and a water purification plant; this exquisite Beach Resort located in Riviera Maya is widely known for its widespread environment friendly activities.

Along with sea turtle protection, the hotel also boasts of a sprawling 3,200-square-foot vegetable garden which produces rich harvests of herbs, chili peppers and vegetables. It also has a reverse-osmosis plant for purifying drinking water and an on-site nursery which produces plants for reforestation in the surrounding areas.

Yeatman Hotel, Portugal

Visitors with their ESTA authorizations in place also love to savor the eco-friendly delights of Yeatman Hotel in Portugal. Along with world class amenities to suit the tastes and requirements of the most discerning clients, this hotel is also known for its “Go Green” activities.

With low energy lighting, means of reducing power consumption, rain water harvesting for garden irrigation and sanitary purposes and dependence on local produce for reducing carbon footprints–Yeatman Hotel is one of the most frequented eco-friendly hotels on Earth.

Are you ready to explore the green offerings of these eco-friendly hotels around the world? Book your vacation today!