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What effects should we expect from the creation of the Wildlife Reserve

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What effects should we expect from the creation of the Wildlife Reserve

We create one of the few protected areas in the area. Thanks to our acquisition, we want to make the site a higher level of naturalness. The highest level of protection possible, before reaching the ultimate level of protection where even 먹튀검증  the human being is prohibited. But we do not want to put the nature “under a bell”, we leave the access on foot. Because it is knowing that we protect better.

How can reserve status better preserve the environment?

We prohibit all disruptive activities for nature and there are no management interventions o3n the site. We do not use wood or pick flowers or mushrooms. For example,  먹튀검증 we leave dead trees in place. The goal is to allow nature to return to its place. This is the principle of free evolution.

Why create private reserves?



We disagree with the management of wildlife protection in Asia. We told ourselves that, thanks to land control, we could leave these areas free to evolve and without human intervention. Although there are some private conservatories in France, they are in one way or another related to the state. However, we found that hunting was allowed in more than 70% of the state-managed nature reserves. In fact, hunting, fishing, gathering, logging, and farming can be practiced in these areas. For example, you can hunt the wolf, which is a protected species, in a national park. This is absurd for both the protected area and the protected species

Is it difficult to create private reserves?

There are no major legal difficulties. Just go to the notary to acquire the land. The brakes are rather the financings, we appeal to donations and legacies The added difficulty comes from competition for land use. If hunters are informed of our intention to buy land, they often try to scuttle the sale by mounting fake exploitation projects that allow SAFER to take advantage of its pre-emption rights or by outbidding.